The Bird House

Dated: 05/08/2018

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Just Sold 1241 Boston SE Grand Rapids, MI

This recently renovated 2 BR near Boston Square sold very quickly, we are happy to say.  Grand Rapids real estate.  This is a good indication that the area, like so many areas in Grand Rapids, are in high demand.  Affordability is still what attracts homebuyers to our city and the strong communities that support these areas does not hurt.  This area in particular is in an area of potential, massive change for the better.  The key is to work in concert with the voices of the community and the needs of the people.  To restore the charm of yesterday while advancing the infrastructure of tomorrow can transform this area and could be exciting.  The potential is endless, but I think the key is to provide more options for residents, homeowners, renters, and small business owners through well, thought out planning.  Knowing the needs of the community first, then building the dreams of tomorrow is not always an easy task.  It will be interesting what happens in the future, especially for the residents, for this history-rich part of Grand Rapids real estate.  

Note: 1241 Boston SE was aptly named "The Bird House" because a mommy robin gave birth to 3 little birds on the nest perched in the window on the upper bedroom sill (outside).  My kids loved it!  For more listings like this check out: or call 616-481-6690.Image titleImage titleImage titleImage title

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The Bird House

Just Sold 1241 Boston SE Grand Rapids, MIThis recently renovated 2 BR near Boston Square sold very quickly, we are happy to say.  Grand Rapids real estate.  This is a good

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